At War’s Edge

At War’s Edge is an epic fantasy/flintlock fantasy webcomic currently being published on Tapas. The story is set in Halqueme, starting in the Ice-Month of 1682. It’s free to read.

At War's Edge Chapter I cover

Unknown assassins hound the steps of Marshal Areghyr Deguisay, the supreme commander of the Halcian Republic. As the attack gets blamed on the neighbouring kingdom of Bereg and the senate cries for vengeance, Deguisay’s surviving adjutants struggle to uncover the real enemy. Wish them luck, because nothing in Halcian high politics is what it seems – including, perhaps, Deguisay himself.
Meanwhile in Bereg, a court seer needs no magic to foresee a war her people can’t possibly win…

Both art and story are done by me (Jasne). The art is done mostly in 3D – I’m a 3D artist, so 99% of all art is custom-made, with just a sprinkling of free assets. Software-wise, I use Blender, Gimp, Inkscape, and MakeHuman, though lately I’ve also been getting into ZBrush and Illustrator.

At War’s Edge launched in April 2019, and there has been a fair amount of art evolution since then. I hope one day to go back and improve the early art, but for now I just keep going with the story.

Enjoy! 🙂

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