Progress Update: the Feast Chamber

The feast chamber is slowly taking shape – according to plan, but with some surprises along the way.


For one thing, I hadn’t expected it to be wooden. I thought it was made of stone, like the rest of the Midday Hall building, but the more I tried to make stone work the less sense it made.

And then, almost by accident, I tried wood – and yep, of course it’s wood. Obviously. This isn’t the king’s great hall in the capital, this is a citadel of a ward town. Wood is so much cheaper and easier to work with. And it has that appropriately rustic feel to it.

Feast chamber in progress

I had to resize the room a few times, too. It went from something like 30m x 30m with a 14m ceiling, to 20×20, and the ceiling of (checks file) 7.8m. Which still feels a bit high, to be honest. Might have to decrease it even more later on.

I’m decently happy with the window trims, though. And the wall ornaments, although the banners still need fixing. The royal banner in the middle is fine, and I’m mostly happy with the golden swan of Tregoríe. But the third banner needs to represent the visiting elves. Somehow. I haven’t figured out yet if the elves even use heraldry.

There’s still a ton of other work to be done on the chamber, too – not all the benches are in yet, not to mention food and movable decor.


I’ve also started on some of the character costumes. Colour coordinating the characters and the setting gave me a major headache last time, so this time I’m starting early. Especially since the colour scheme is more complicated this time.

In Halcia, the state colours were red and gold, and that was it. Here we have to work with the royal blue-and-silver, and the green-and-gold of Tregoríe. And then I need to remember that the dyes most available to these people are probably red, yellow, and ochre/brown.

Yarosvet, Meled, Boleslav and Molchan... not quite ready for the feast.
Yarosvet, Meled, Boleslav and Molchan… not quite ready for the feast.

And I’m still figuring out how to arm the descriers with pistols without making it too obvious. They used to be hiding them under kontusz-like outer garments, but those are now officially gone. Best guess so far is that the sashes are about to get a whole lot more extravagant.

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