At War’s Edge Episodes 247-248: The Mindscape

At War’s Edge webcomic episodes 247-248 are up. The show begins.
Also, the amount of effort it took to light this shot is insane and I should probably do a separate post about that. But for now here it is all on its own =D

Magister Asches casting a spell

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The 2024 production break has arrived, and the weekly updates of the webcomic are now temporarily paused. I know, it’s not even the end of the chapter yet =(
But the next scene is in the feast hall in Shelisk, and that will take a lot of setup.

Good news is, it’s not quite as complicated as the ballroom in Halcia, and I do have more experience now, so hopefully this production break won’t be as long as the one last year.

The other good news is, after the feast scene is set up, no new crazy locations with huge crowds are expected (for a while, anyway), so the breaks in posting will hopefully become much shorter and less frequent.

This one will still take something like a couple of months or so, though. As last year, I’ll be posting progress updates on the website, on Instagram, and on Tapas.

This show WILL go on!

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