Art Update – Mid June: Characters

Hey, I’m actually back with an art update barely two weeks later 🙂

In these two weeks I’ve been mostly working on characters. Not surprisingly, the ballroom scene needs a lot of characters. I haven’t started on the low-poly background characters yet, but I did some math and I’ll be needing 48 (yes, forty-eight) individual characters detailed enough for the camera to linger on them now and then.

The good news is, I’m 57% done with them. (Yes, I had to make a spreadsheet to keep track). I’m not sure yet, but I might finish them by the end of June. In which case, the webcomic might restart in mid-July somewhere.

That’s a very tentative “might” so far, mind you.

Here are some of the guests that arrived last week, though. I’m still trying to figure out how to clothe them in colourful outfits, put them into a red room, and not have anyone’s eyes bleed out. Especially mine 😀

Art Update - Mid June: Characters

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