Art Update for May

Oof, it’s been a while since the last art update. I apologize.

I’ve made some good progress in May: the ballroom of the Reulga city hall is pretty much finished, and I’m ready to start really focusing on the characters – the guests, and the staff, and I still have a few of those statues in the hallway to figure out.

Here’s a sneak peek at the ballroom decor so far. (There are real characters here, too – and a bunch of “ghosts” that were there for scale while I was modelling.)

And here are some close ups of the musicians on the balcony:

As you can tell, the musicians are very, very low poly – I doubt the camera will ever get close to them. But I still had a lot of fun figuring out what instruments they’re playing. So far I’ve settled on four probably-vihuelas (two of them bowed), a drum, a tambourine, and two… well, it’d be fair to call them some-kind-of flutes, I think.

Next up, I’ll probably be focusing on the guests. I’ve almost finished with the main and secondary characters (although Raldara still needs a proper dress and possibly a new hairdo, and there’s a couple of minor characters I might still need to add). The background crowd, however, is a challenge that’s still ahead.

Hopefully the next art update will be a little sooner than a month from now. I’ve had a busy spring, but now that summer is approaching I’m hoping to get back into a regular rhythm.

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