Art Progress: Weeks 4 & 5

Reporting on the art progress for the last couple of weeks.

I temporarily left the environment alone and worked on the characters. Because yeah, it’s a ball, and there will be a ton of new characters. And not all of them are completely background characters =)

The ones I got mostly-ready over the last couple of weeks (in no particular order):

Citizen Isal Laqona, the Republic’s Master of Ceremonies as the hostess of the upcoming ball.

Citizen Gorcelhad Wywernit, the current Consul of the Republic, the host of the upcoming ball.

Magister Weldyr Asches (we’ve been promised a mindscape from him, whatever that means).

Citizen Adelhisa Ruig. (Yep, Citizen Officiary is, in fact, married. “Ruig” is his wife’s last name, actually.)

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