At War’s Edge Episode 218: A Question of Etiquette

At War’s Edge webcomic episode 218 is up… and we’ll let Ivolga give that lecture off-screen, I think 🙂

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The weekly updates of the webcomic are being paused. The next scene awaiting us is the ball in Halcia, and I’m going to have to take a bit more time to set it up if we’re to see it properly. 

I’m not 100% sure how long that will take — it’s a majorly complex scene that I’m creating in my spare time between work and other commitments — but I will be posting regular progress updates on here and on Instagram (and possibly on Tapas as well, if I can figure how the public messaging thing works). 

I do apologize for the interruption. I’ve been thinking about this long and hard, and decided that I value quality over quantity when it comes to AWE. And also, you know, not having burnouts. But rest assured this story will continue!

At War’s Edge webcomic episode 218

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