WIP: Twins

Working on new characters for the upcoming arrival of the dyvs. This is the future princess of Tregorie and her twin brother, dressed in dyv fashion. Took me forever to figure out the hair =D

Also, I finally learned their names. The princess was so far referred to as “Olminita” in the webcomic, but dyv names are complicated, and that’s actually more of a family name.

The personal names are Sainerin (the princess) and Sainesqil (her brother).

And the meaning of these names… is kinda funny. In Iledrin, “rin” means “spruce” and “esqil” means oak, so that’s clear enough. But the first half – “sain(e)” – could mean either “guardian” or… “squirrel”.

So it could be that their names are epic “guardian of spruces” and “protector of oak groves”. But it could also be “the squirrel that lives in a spruce” and “the squirrel that lives in an oak” respectively.

Pretty sure their (human) mother calls them squirrels either way =)

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