At War’s Edge Webcomic Episodes 189-190: Points of View

At War’s Edge webcomic episodes 189-190 are up! The sun has set. Meled is trying to figure out Polada’s opinion on the dyv situation, Boleslav is trying to figure out what to wear, and Polada has more experience than both of them combined.

At War’s Edge webcomic episodes 189-190: Points of View. Twilight ove the Shelisk citadel.

Quick Reminder:

  • Last we saw Prince Meled, he was hiring an advisor/bodyguard for his future wife: Of Mice and Cats
  • Last we saw Polada, she had questions about Ivolga: News That Travel
  • Last we saw Boleslav, he needed convincing that Meled marrying a dyv isn’t a terrible idea: The Other Ally

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