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This post is a sort of heads-up. Thing is, life’s been happening, and I now suddenly have more time to read and write than to do graphics.

To be clear, it does NOT, in any way, shape, or form, mean that I’m discontinuing the webcomic. I might have to take longer breaks between chapters, to catch up on new locations and characters. But AWE is my home, and there’s no way I’m abandoning it.

What it does mean is that I’m doing more worldbuilding. Some of it is fresh (I’m finally developing the Bereghin language, for instance — super excited about that!), and some of it is just organizing the existing lore. Which is also exciting. I have about 15 years worth of worldbuilding on the world of Uncharred, scattered across various Google docs and random notebooks, and putting it all together in the World Anvil feels like a big step forward. 

So… if, in the coming months, you see a sudden influx of lore posts on here — this is why. The articles I’m working on right now are on Bereghin language, Halcian press, and history of Halcia. But I really won’t be surprised if something else gets posted first =)

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