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I’ve started working on the World Anvil profile for Uncharred again (nothing I’m particularly proud of yet, so no links).

The main struggle is figuring out the point of view, oddly enough.

When I was doing the monthly meditations last year, I noticed that I default to talking about Halqueme as an outsider – worse, as an author discussing the creative process. That’s not what I want to do with the World Anvil. I want to make it an immersive experience, like a little window to Halqueme that anyone can peek into.

ancient antique architectural design architecture
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But the problem with that, of course, is that there’s no internet on Halqueme. So I can’t pretend I’m writing otherworldly Wikipedia articles. I could pretend I’m writing encyclopedia articles and the website is a library, but… if so, whose library is it? Halcian? Bereghin? What about all those other countries I’ve not done much about yet, but who clearly have their own opinions? What about the other continents?

And so I again resort to the as-neutral-as-possible, supposedly-produced-by-collective-consciousness style of Wikipedia. And then I realize this is no longer as immersive, because no physical library on Halqueme would have this attitude. And the cycle repeats.

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