Happy New Year from Halqueme!

Happy New Year, everyone! May 2022 be kinder to us all than 2021 has been 🥂

Because conlanging has been such an important part of my life for the last couple of months, I couldn’t contain the urge to actually make greeting cards in some of Halqueme’s languages. So here they are:

Bereghin is the official language of Bereg, and is the mother tongue of pretty much everyone in the Bereghin arc. Until the Fair Folk finally show up, anyway 🙂

The language itself is heavily derived from Proto-Slavic (aka, it almost is Proto-Slavic, because I haven’t yet put a whole lot of work into it yet). Though I did spend a while agonizing over whether “year” should be “rok” or “god”. And getting confused over the whole definite/indefinite adjectives concept.

Literal translation: “[we/I wish you a] good new year (genitive case)!”

Zalguri is less widely spoken in the webcomic (though it is Kiruz’s mother tongue). It is, however, a very important language, especially for the southern part of the continent, as it used to be a lingua franca, kinda like what Latin was for Europe.

It’s not Latin, though – I ended up deriving it from Akkadian. Kinda.

Literal translation: “[may this be a] year new joyful (nominative case)!”

Halcian is the official language of the Halcian Republic. It’s the mother tongue of… well, Marshal Deguisay grew up speaking a dialect of it? Pretty much for everyone else we meet it’s a second language. Though for the majority of Halcians it’s the second language you learn as a toddler, so close enough.

Halcian is derived from Proto-Celtic, and is also the language I’ve done the most work on, so it looks the least like the source material 🙂

Literal translation: “[we wish you a] year new happy (genitive case)”


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