At War’s Edge Webcomic Episode 162: Snakes

At War’s Edge webcomic episode 162 is up! Citizen Officiary and Colonel Teyr have opinions about the Republic’s political elite. Marshal Deguisay, meanwhile, has opinions about his job description.

In other news, I’m still working on the Halcian language, and I just learned that the Marshal’s last name is apparently pronounced “de’gise”, not “degi’ze” like I thought (and tried to convey with the anglicized “Deguisay” spelling).

Or, rather… the name is Velnish, and, in original Velnish, it is in fact “degi’ze”. But Halcian doesn’t have the “z” sound, and also doesn’t really put stress on the last syllable. Especially if it’s an open syllable. So people probably end up pronouncing it “de’gise” more often than not, with a voiceless “s” and the stress on the second syllable. Go figure.

P.S. Also, I just found out there’s a website where you can input IPA notation and it pronounces it back to you. How cool is that? It doesn’t seem to recognize stress symbols though, unfortunately. This one does, but it’s got a pretty scary mechanical voice 🙂

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