At War’s Edge Webcomic Episodes 158-159: Birds and Fishes

At War’s Edge webcomic episodes 158-159 are up! Colonel Teyr has some questions. Citizen Ruig has some answers.

There’s also a bonus.

Thing is, I’ve had a really stressful few weeks, and I tend to do weird language-related stuff when I’m stressed. Like, at one point I read a Sumerian dictionary cover to cover for no reason.

This time round, I was a bit more constructive and dove into conlanging, actually building the Halcian language. Not completely, but enough to start translating the current scene into it. So… on the off-chance anyone’s interested, here’s the dialogue in English and Halcian.

Neia: So. When are you going to renew your heart?
Areghyr: The little bird told you already?
Neia: Can’t blame the girl — from a normal person’s standpoint, you appear suicidal. So when?
Areghyr: I can’t afford to drop out of life for several days right now. We have to resolve the Bereghin situation first.
Neia: That might take a while.
Areghyr: Then a while it will take. Tyan, did you find the editor?
Tyanit: In a manner of speaking. We fished her body out of the river this morning.

Neia: Saime, kan noirasi tu kerdi?
Areghyr: Loie kant feitinain?
Neia: Ni meigi merim — laukos donimos komtegomos weletor tu seh-gwanegi. Saime kan?
Areghyr: Ni galnu mei lageti-seh eskioti trasinde es gwitas du neku deionom. Ankenetor rys aiselmati sketli breigom.
Neia: Galnaiti endo gabeti asteram siram.
Areghyr: Enkane gabrati asteram siram. Tiane, kabetete wies kowiemuram?
Tyanit: Galnetor sekeiti saime. Esegnatomu nies barege sim kolanim es hevonas.

Bonus #2. In Halcian, the marshal says “the little bird sang already” (well, “already sang little-bird”). Because Lieutenant Gorrion’s surname means “sparrow” in her language and the marshal is just woozy enough to go for bilingual puns. But in English, the idiom kinda got in the way =)

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