Monthly Meditation: Tenacity and the Golden Dragon

The tenth month of the year is called the Dusk-month in Halqueme. It is the time to be aware of the lerale of Earth — of rock and stone and of all solid matter that isn’t alive.

The lerale of Earth is one of the three eldest leralath. In many ways, it is the planet — although it technically shares that status with Water (liquid), Air (gas) and Fire (plasma).

Earth is usually thought to be male, as opposed to the female Life. Unlike the rest of the Great Spirits, he hardly ever manifests in human-like form, instead preferring to appear as a reptile. The most common name for him is the Golden Dragon (sometimes also the Golden Serpent) — in part because he is usually golden-coloured when manifesting, and in part because he is responsible for all the treasures of the world. All precious metals and rare gemstones. So are common but important resources like iron and limestone.

As the gold of autumn fades, giving way to barren ground, it is time to look at the domain of the Golden Dragon. And to reflect on the virtues he is thought to approve of especially — tenacity, humility, gratitude, and citizenship.

While he is no more tolerant of people bothering him than the rest of the leralath, many believe that he has a soft spot for common people, especially for miners and stonemasons. Some say that the Golden Dragon even rewards those who are virtuous — those who are hard-working, humble, grateful, and work well with others.

Though, of course, it could be that these people simply tend to be productive and achieve better results.

Artwork of the Month

The Great Snake by Vasily Bayuskin

The artwork of the month is the Great Snake of the Ural folklore, as depicted by Vasily Bayuskin. Because I’m pretty darn sure that’s what inspired my Golden Dragon.

Except the Great Snake lives in the Ural Mountains and specializes in gold (and sometimes malachite), whereas the Golden Dragon is a lerale and all of the planet. But they definitely share a long list of traits, among them the tendency to side with hard-working common folk and to help only those who earn it.

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