Monthly Meditation: Grass and Foresight

Monthly meditations, continued =)

The sixth month of the year on Halqueme is generally called the Grass-month. For most agricultural regions of the continent, is the time when all crops are planted and it’s becoming more and more predictable whether they will survive. It is also the time to make grass into hay that will feed the cattle over the winter, hence the name.

The month is associated with the Silver Bird, the lerale of future and foresight. She is one of the more communicative leralath, and prefers to manifest in the not entirely anthropomorphic form of an oversized snowy owl with the head of a human female. This is probably to reinforce the fact that the future is uncertain. Foresight is a thaumic discipline, but predictions, especially long-term ones, are generally seen in terms of possibilities rather than certain outcomes. 

The 15th of the Grass-month, then, is the day to reflect on the future—on the virtues of hope and prudence, and on the precarious balance between the two.

Artwork of the month: Summer Triangle, by yours truly

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