News That Travel (129)

At War’s Edge webcomic episode 129 is up! Someone around here sure is a morning bird…

Also, we’ve finally got the three most powerful people in Bereg in the same room. In no particular order:

  • Boleslav, the gosudar (reigning monarch) of Bereg
  • Meled, Boleslav’s second cousin, heir, former regent and current Great Rider (chief general)
  • Polada, Boleslav’s aunt and current Great Hunter (head of intelligence & police)

In other news, I finally worked up the nerve to try Blender’s new rendering engine, Cycles X, and I’m in love. It takes way less time for way better quality than regular Cycles. Just look at it:

This was at measly 64 samples. If I’d tried to get this clean a render in Cycles, I’d probably have to go to like 640 samples, and that’d be more like 20 minutes of rendering. Granted, the way Cycles X denoising works, it produces this vaguely painterly look, but I feel it actually fits better with the overall slightly stylized aesthetic of this story.

So… yeah, the Blender developer team is amazing and brilliant <3

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