Monthly Meditation: Blossoms and Healing

Monthly meditations, continued =)

The fifth month of the year on Halqueme is generally called the Flower-month, or the Blossom-month, and is associated with the lerale of… 

…it’s a tricky one.

His name is commonly given as Olnem—sometimes as Olhest or Olnes.

Some say he is the lerale of sleep and dreams, while others say he is the lerale of healing, and yet others say he is the lerale of intent and free will, or of cognition in general. Some argue that he is really up to four different leralath. Others argue that all or some of these four (especially the free will one) don’t exist at all.

What most people do agree upon, however, is that the 15th day of the Flower-month is the day to take a deep breath and notice your pain—and make a deliberate effort to heal it.

Whether it be your health that is in decline after the many cold months of limited food and sunlight, whether it be your relationships that need rekindling, whether it be your great dreams for the future that need transforming into practical plans—the Flower-month of Olnem is the time to attend to it.

And, of course, to appreciate the actual flowers. Which are, after all, a sign of health and a promise of the fruits to come.

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