Monthly Mediation: the Sun-Month

The first month of the year, the one that follows the solstice and sees the increase in daylight, is generally called the Sun-Month.

The lerale to be aware of in this month is Fate. Her symbol—which doubles as a symbol of the sun—is a wheel.   

Fortune at her wheel, from a 15th century manuscript.

There are two main ways to imagine Fate.

One is to see her as a force that rules over the universe and predetermines everything that happens.

The other is to see her as chaos, as the random chance that makes anything possible.

If you take the latter line of reasoning far enough, the two start to conflate—when everything is determined by chance, nothing is determined by free will. Just like nothing is determined by free will when everything is predetermined by some higher power.

Still, regardless of whether we see Fate as orderly destiny or chaotic random, it is important to acknowledge that not everything in this life is under human control—and perhaps nothing truly is. 

That thought can be alarming, especially if taken to extreme, but, in proper doses, it’s a conduit for inner peace.

It’s impossible to control everything in this life. You can make plans and backup plans, but sooner or later Fate will take her due. You can’t foresee every rainy day, every traffic accident, every pandemic. And that’s alright. Neither can you foresee every laugh, every love, or every opportunity. It’s not your fault—and it’s not your misfortune. It’s your sacred chance to live and to change. 

Seize it.

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