A Routine Inspection (38)

Page 38 is up! Prince Meled is having human resource issues.

A note on language: “bloody” is a very strange intensifier. Nobody can seem to agree on just how inappropriate it is, really (if you’re from a country where it’s seriously offensive, I apologize). On top of that, we don’t seem to know where it comes from. Is it a euphemistic blasphemy? Is it the Dutch “bloote”, meaning “fully, entirely”? Is it from “drunk as a blood (i.e. as a noble)”?

In the context of the Uncharred, however, “bloody” is just that – bloody. Local cultures tend to have a system of values that is slightly different from the one we’re used to, so terminology related to violence, death and decay constitutes a major part of the local obscenities. “Bloody” fits neatly into that category.

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