WIP – House Interior (Blocking & Lighting)

Started a new location today. It’s a bit of a challenge because it’s one of those locations I hadn’t world-built at all beforehand, so the reference search was long and painful, albeit educational and eventually rewarding. I had no idea Dutch houses in 17th century had ceilings this high πŸ™‚

Here are some of the main references I settled on in the end:

Then it was blocking time. I’d normally make a rough 2D plan of the room first, but I had already made the exterior shot of the house and so had the door and the windows ready-made. It was easier to grab them and build from there.

And here is the first lighting test. I learned the hard way to test lighting first so as to avoid wasting time on stuff that won’t really be visible anyway. I haven’t quite decided yet what kind of light set up to use for this scene though. I love the dramatic shadows that the purely natural light creates, but I may need more light for characters when shooting. Besides, I want the scene more cozy than dramatic, at least at first, so overall I’m leaning towards the second version, with an extra bounce light.

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