All Year Round

I finally finished designing the “year’s round” – the most common way of representing a calendar year on the Uncharred. Year Asunder 1682 is when the webcomic’s story line takes off, which is why the calendars are all for that year. I figured there’s no way the marshal or the Prince don’t have a single calendar on their respective tables.

It took a rather inordinate amount of time to get these done, mostly because I was trying to find software – free software, that is – that would allow me to create and edit a circular year without too much pain. I failed in that search, so the end result here is combined efforts of LibreOffice (numbers & text), Blender (circular year), Inkscape (ornament design) and Gimp (compositing). This was probably not the optimal way to do it… but hey, it worked.

This one is Prince Meled’s, done in Tregorie’s heraldic green and gold.

This one is the marshal’s version. No heraldic reason for the colours, but he is an ice mage, so…

And this one is the physical calendar. Well, most of the time the calendar would just be drawn on paper or parchment, but this is the fancy variant.

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