“Still Alive” Update :)

I’ve been very quiet all January. I apologize. I’ve been extremely busy with school – I’m approaching the end of my studies and working on the final project. On the bright side, this project happens to be Prince Meled’s study in the Shelisk Citadel πŸ™‚

The project itself will be in Unreal Engine, which I’m learning as I go (and telling myself that no, I ain’t up to making At War’s Edge the game just yet, no matter how awesome Unreal is).

The other software I’ve learned – and fell in love with, hard – is Substance Designer. I don’t have words to describe how amazing that thing is – I think the first time my mentor showed it to me I just squeed. I’ve only just started to get the hang of the basics, and it’s already producing amazing results. Or what looks amazing to me right now. Like this:

Admittedly, this material isn’t procedural – I made the basic input texture in Inkscape. I don’t really care right now, though it’s definitely is in my plans to make this procedurally some day, too.

Meanwhile, I’m finishing up the final project and moving on to the job search – and, of course, to getting AWE ready for publishing. I’ve already completed 11 of 20 buffer pages which I want to have ready before I launch, and I’m still hopeful that the launch will take place in the “early 2019” – as in, you know, first quarter or so.

Wish me luck! πŸ™‚

In other news: I finally figured out the comment issues I’ve been having on this blog, but in the process I inadvertently deleted the mail list (insert facepalming emoticon here). So, if you would like to receive updates from this blog by email, please subscribe. I apologize for this mess, too.

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