WIP – Cover for Chapter 1 almost ready

I might yet change the logo. And do something with the sword so it looks less like a lightsaber. But otherwise this should be quite close to the final version. Sooo excited 🙂


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  2. How exciting! I really like the design and the fact that you’ve given the series a logo. I’m not sure about having so many different fonts on the cover, though. I especially like the font on the logo – it’s easily readable but it also has a fantasy feel.

    Are you planning to publish the instalments on your website?

    • I should really figure out the comments on this site, I somehow missed yours. Sorry about that! 🙁

      Good point about the fonts. They say you should never have more than two… And of course I forgot that the logo has a font, too. I’m gonna have to work on that.

      I haven’t yet quite figured how the installments will work. Right now I’m thinking I’ll keep this website as a blog and the actual webcomic will have it’s own website (for people who only want the comic and not the rest of updates). I’d definitely be posting notifications here, though.

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