November Update

  1. A moored flying ship is complete. The docks around it, alas, aren’t even started properly.


  1. 5 new characters are complete.
    Halcians: Sergeant Dietman, Lieutenant Schtarz, Master Schielend

Bereghins: bana-Ivolga (yep, I’m going with an invented title system, most nobles being styled bann (men) and bana (women), which is inspired partially by the Polish pan/pani/panna, and partially by the Proto-Slavic reconstruction bãnъ. Because! 🙂 )

Bereghins: the Prince (yep, I chickened out and went with prince rather than knyaz to avoid confusion. The ruling monarch is still very definitely a gosudar, and I felt too many unfamiliar words all at once would be too much.)


The goal for December is to finish at least one location, and at least five more characters.

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