Welcome to Halqueme

Greetings, traveller!

“Uncharred” is a fantasy conworld (constructed world) being created explored by an artist & writer called Jasne.

More specifically, Uncharred (also known as Halqueme) is a continent on the planet of Ellur and a setting of the epic fantasy webcomic At War’s Edge. (There are other stories in the works, but that’s the one currently available).

This website is constantly expanding as Jasne discovers and shares more things about this world.

Come in and explore!

Stories of Halqueme

At War’s Edge – an epic fantasy webcomic with elements of flintlock fantasy, currently being published on Tapas

Lore of Halqueme

Atlas of Ellur

Arts & Crafts:

Plants & Animals


Halcian Military Ranks & Insignia Reference


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